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About Us

Roberto “Jatucka” Randazzo, the Dealers’ Dealer, is one of the world’s leading watch dealers and authors. His knowledge is unquestionable and he is a renowned expert on a vast array of horological subjects including military watches, early Omega pieces, vintage Rolex and important chronographs. Having run one of Milan’s most successful watch shops, Jatucka felt drawn to London to establish a beautiful shop where he could showcase his selection of fine watches.


Here at South Molten Street, Jatucka has created a beautiful space where friends can socialise, discuss watches and learn more about our shared passion. There is no hard sell here; if he sells a watch then that is a bonus! Jatucka will stand behind every single piece that he sells…no question! Each client gets a lifetime guarantee of authenticity with their watch and post-sale assistance with any issues that arise. When a client needs to get their beloved timepiece to be serviced, Jatucka will give you a ‘service watch’ to wear. Every piece sold is accompanied by a CD-Rom of high-resolution images of the watch. This is the Jatucka Guarantee!

Time comes, and time goes, of this I am certain. As we race through life, pitted against the back-drop of eternity, there is a constant that has always, always been of significant interest to me. How do I describe this constant, for it is not enough to simply attribute my passion to the simple, or not so simple ‘wristwatch’? How do I convey the impact of the connections, passions, journeys and friendships that this constant has ignited? In mathematics, the symbol ‘e’ is used to represent a mathematical constant that is significantly interesting in some way. What better way to symbolise the timepieces that have shaped my life’s work, than to subtly refer to them in the name for my new concept lounge, my very own space above the Jatucka shop




A space where time and passion can come together – It sounds like heaven to me!


Ciao, Jatucka